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This website is dedicated to providing information about the various types of adult DVD currently on offer in the ever expanding Australian market. With the advent of the Internet as a sales channel the domestic market has blossomed and is currently worth an estimated AU$ 230,000,000 per year, though this is a very conservative estimate and some commentators suggest twice this figure is more realistic. Join us as we take an in depth look at the adult industry in Australia in our adult DVD news section which reviews a recent report on Australia's adult spending habits, viewing preferences and reaction to censorship and pornography in general.

So strong is the demand for Australian productions that in recent years some Australian based flagship adult studios have emerged onto the international scene, further raising the profile of our adult entertainment industry. One prime example of this new found growth is the Melbourne based Abby Winters studio which has been widely acclaimed around the world as representing a renaissance in an often jaded marketplace. Abby Winters specializes in producing both adult DVDs and online amateur content and prides itself on providing a genuinely fresh take on the genre, partly because of the style and intimacy of the productions but also, uniquely, because it features real Australian girls.

To guide the wary or first time buyer, we give an introduction to each of the numerous adult genres available in an attempt to help those who need some assistance in their adult DVD selection. The variety of material on offer has increased greatly in the last five years and the prospective buyer is no longer restricted to standard vanilla porn churned out production line style by the US market. In fact many XXX DVD customers have shunned this generic, over produced and often silicon fuelled style of film making in favour of something a little more personal and adventurous. This has given the smaller studios space in the market to address many of the more esoteric and specialist niche areas that were not previously represented. Combine this with the ever reducing cost of top end digital video equipment and you have a market that is incredibly varied and vibrant.

With so many studios offering adult DVDs for absolutely all tastes, we have also gone to great lengths to try to include a full range of studio reviews and this ever expanding section is regularly updated to reflect changing trends and new additions to the adult scene. There isn't much point in orientating the prospective porn DVD buyer to the possibilities that exist without also offering a wide enough range of films to tempt everyone from the first time buyer to the discerning connoisseur. Our shop currently contains well over 6000 adult films in all genres from literally dozens of studios. 100% Australian owned, we think we are head and shoulders above the rest with not only the largest selection but the best prices in the country - we have massive purchasing power and are happy to pass this on to you the consumer. We welcome you to our little corner of the Australian adult DVD market and hope you find your stay here useful and enjoyable.