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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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We review a recently published report on the Australian adult entertainment market...

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Police in WA think Porn DVDs are low priority...

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Adult DVDs by GGG

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This studio is certainly not for everyone but for lovers of ultra raw, hardcore adult DVDs it is hard to beat. Based in Germany and produced by the porn legend John Thompson, these films are typified by an absolutely no nonsense approach that is based simply and relentlessly on hardcore, no holds barred group sex. They typically feature a wide range of girls and a large cast of amateur guys, seemingly dragged at random from the street. No male porn stars here just average guys who have been recruited by the studio to experience the ultimate in group hardcore and star in the films they love at the same time.

The GGG stands for German Goo Girls and on viewing one of these films it will very quickly become clear where the name "cums" from! Given the large number of guys appearing in these films there is a huge amount of semen flying around and the girls (and often guys) get liberally covered in it.

The style of shooting gives a sometimes alarming immediacy to all GGG adult DVDs. The cameraman is there right in the thick of the action and often has to physically fight his way through the crowds to get his shots which means the viewer is very much involved in the generally frenetic and highly charged atmosphere in a way that is usually not captured in most adult films. We love the reality of this style of shooting and the fact that it is as far away from a stage managed, stereotypical studio set as it is possible to get. It's basically just a big room full of a lot of very horny guys and some very up for it girls and the resulting raw, unrestrained, unscripted and spontaneous action is very appealing for those seeking something genuinely different.