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Adult DVD Review - Elegance by Daring

Elegance Adult DVD

This is one of an ever growing range of films by the extremely classy production house Daring. Just about all the Daring movies have an air of elegance about them and this one, as the title suggests, is no exception.

Elegance is a film that isn't in a hurry, it is shot in a luxuriously languid style with glorious scene setting, soft focus shots gently drawing the eye to the tightly and intimately captured subjects. The viewer is never rushed but never kept waiting too long and as the camera gently oozes around the sumptuous sets, we are left in no doubt that there is something timelessly erotic about to happen…and happen it does.

These DVDs are very much in the "couple friendly" genre with as much for her as there is for him and all of it portrayed in such an indulgent manner that the viewer cannot help but revel in the decadence of it all. The woman are beautiful but natural, groomed but not overly so and the guys are equally attractive and have (and my wife agrees!) very nice cocks that we are invited to enjoy in detail during long close up shots of sumptuous oral sex.

After establishing the style of the movie we are treated to a threesome scene in which these large cocks are put to fine use with some oral (for her too), some vigorous but classy DP and a gloriously messy double facial.

The second scene is girl girl in which two lovely stars provide each other with some direct and quite rough loving including lots of oral and masturbation and vaginal and anal vibrator play leading to some very nice and seemingly real orgasms.

The third scene is the couple depicted on the cover of the DVD and takes place in a domestic setting. Anyone who is a lover of nice uncut cocks is certainly in for a treat with this one as the guy is masturbated and sucked in endless and intense close up before we're given an equally gorgeous look at her beautiful bottom from behind as he enters with her on top. Its then on to some anal that starts gently but becomes quite intense and finishes with two hand masturbation to orgasm.

Scene four is another couple scene with a black haired beauty and features fairly straight forward sex but is also shot with the intimate style that is something of a trademark for Daring and culminates in a huge and explosive ejaculation that covers the woman.

The final scene is in a night club and sees a beautiful olive skinned woman teamed with yet another uncut guy for some on the bar oral sex for her which reveals and absolutely perfect pussy with the most delicately coloured lips which receive some very enthusiastic licking and fingering. We then move onto the white leather couch for some close up penetration including some breast swinging doggy style action which ends in a mouthful of thick cum.

We loved this DVD, it is erotic as well as being hardcore and is absolutely perfect viewing for couples. We took about five attempts to see the whole film because each time we watched it we were on top of each other before each scene was half way through! Great for lovers of nice cocks and naturally beautiful women and of wide appeal to anyone who appreciates the value of nicely shot scenes which celebrate both the cerebral thrill of eroticism and the ultimate intimacy of the sexual act.