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Abby Winters

The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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Australian Adult DVD from Abby Winters

Abby Winters DVDs

Ah, our own dear Abby Winters! A perfect example of home grown Australian adult entertainment; filmed in Australia (Melbourne to be exact) and featuring a wonderful range of Aussie amateur girls. The charm about Abby Winters adult DVDs is the simple, uncomplicated format of either a solo girl, girl - girl couple or all female group alone with a camera or filmed sympathetically and supportively by a female camera operator who doesn't really direct but helps provide a safe and relaxing environment for the girls to relax in.

There is a refreshing honesty and openness about everything captured on film at Abby Winters. The girls are there because they want to be, they are excited to be filmed, they are doing it for the experience and as part of exploring their own sexuality. You really get the feeling as a viewer that you are simply invited to watch something special and private rather than being treated as a customer who needs the girls to put on a show.

Being a firmly and genuinely all amateur collection (the girls are amateur, the production values are far from it) we are treated to a wide range of "girl next door" type women of all shapes and sizes. For us at adult-dvd.com.au it is a breath of fresh air to celebrate the diversity and beauty of all women, not just those that fit the standard stereotypical adult DVD formula.

We absolutely love Abby Winters, it's Australian, it's genuinely different, it's wonderfully erotic and is the flagship for Southern Hemisphere adult entertainment.