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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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We review a recently published report on the Australian adult entertainment market...

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Police in WA think Porn DVDs are low priority...

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Adult DVDs by 4 Play Video

Adult DVD

The Dirty Debutants range from 4 Play Video is absolutely the home of the original all American girl. Freshly graduated, belle of the debutante ball, these young college cuties are as sweet as apple pie but do things that would make Uncle Sam blush!

In keeping with the theme the girls are young and fresh and generally very large breasted. To be honest there seems to be a lot of silicone around in American high schools these days, which isn't exactly to our taste but hell, it's really not that unpleasant to see huge firm breasts bouncing around on a young tight body.

Ed Powers, who directs as well as stars, explores different themes in this range of all American adult dvds. Our personal favourite is Best of Dirty Debutants 2 in which these butter wouldn't melt in their mouths young ladies show us just how verbally slutty they can be with all kinds of dirty talk guaranteed to get even the most jaded porn lover's attention.

The girls range from super glossy and slightly plastic to a little bit rough and ready and this keeps up the interest. The one common thread is that they are all young and clearly willing to make their debut a hard hitting and memorable one, which makes for some great adult viewing.