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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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Police in WA think Porn DVDs are low priority...

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Hentai Porn By Adult Source Media

Adult DVD

Hmmm, interesting! It has to be said that Hentai porn is not for everyone however this unusual niche has a small but very loyal following. So what exactly is the attraction? For many it is the pure indulgence of exploring a world that is simply nothing to do with reality and with that come fewer boundaries or obstructions to pursuing your erotic fantasies. If you can imagine it, so can someone else and if it can be imagined, it can be drawn and presented for your pleasure.

Hentai adult DVD artists are absolutely obsessive in providing their viewers with every opportunity to escape the constraints of normal sexual interaction by providing pure fantasy figure women in lavish and unrestrained settings undertaking any kind of sexual exploit you could wish for. There are no limits and like erotic literature, the animated figures serve as a starting point for ones own internal reflections on the nature of sexuality and eroticism and the fantasies that lie within those thoughts.

Adult Source Media DVDs are very well drawn and nicely produced and as is typical with Hentai porn, they tend to portray very hardcore sexual acts with very young, buxom and sexually insatiable cartoon heroines. Somewhat unusually for anime, there is also an offering for lovers of older women called "Cougar Time" which features "older" women, though it remains true to the standard theme of non stop hardcore fantasy action.

Its probably difficult to really know if Hentai porn is your thing or not until you try it but if you are a porn buyer who is up for some exploration and ready to try something a little different, Adult Source Media is one of the best Hentai studios in the business so we unreservedly recommend you start your Hentai adventures with them.