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Alpha Blue Archives 70's & 80's Porn

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Ah, pure porn nostalgia at it's best! Alpha Blue Archives is a studio that specialises in re releasing vintage porn from the 70's and 80's to bring these classics to a whole new generation and for the older porn lover, to relive those heady and far off days. This stuff really does look like its from another world now but amazingly still retains it's erotic appeal, in a somewhat charmingly simplistic and naïve fashion.

There are a lot of old 70's and 80's porn star favourites on offer here such as Vanessa Del Rio, Rene Bond and Christy Canyon and you can expect big breasts, wonderfully unshaven and unashamed women, dodgy wobbly sets as weak as the paper thin story lines and lots of amazing retro music to add to the authentic nature of the experience. Its amazing how things have changed in the porn industry: its not only production techniques, the easy availability of quality cameras and editing facilities that have made modern porn films what they are, it's attitudes too. Its amazing to see how many of these porn stars from yesteryear were in their prime in their 30s and beyond and how different it is to the ridiculously young starlets of today who are already off the screen and out of favour by their late 20's. Refreshing stuff indeed and proof that female sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with age.

Alpha Blue's films tend to offer very good value because most of their DVDs are triple features combining clips from 3 classic movies and run for up to 3 hours. We love this studio for bringing back some pure porno nostalgia and reminding us all just how edgy and dangerous porn felt in the 70's and 80's.