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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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Police in WA think Porn DVDs are low priority...

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Anabolic DVDs

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This is one of the stalwarts of the porn industry with a long and illustrious history of good solid hardcore output. I think any avid collector of porn DVDs would be unlikely not to have one or two Anabolic movies in his collection. Like many of the larger production houses, this really is a have a go at anything studio with a wide range of DVDs covering an ever expanding range of topics. Anabolic really do have it all, with cougars and MILFs always well represented at one end of the scale and young and tender porn starlets at the other. Having said that what constitutes a MILF or cougar these days is anybodies guess as older women just seem to get younger and younger until you can't be sure if you are watching a teen movie or a MILF one!

The output of this studio has moved with the times and is largely now presented in HD which (if you have the right equipment to view it on) makes for an excellent viewing experience. This is further enhanced by the very high but not over polished production values of Anabolic in which every scene is filmed to a faultless technical standard without being over produced or lifelessly perfect.

If we have one criticism of Anabolic it is that some of their movies are quite expensive in Australia which is a real shame as they tend not to command such a high price in the US and Europe. However, this is certainly not the case for all their films and if you're going to splash out a little on a premium adult DVD, this is one studio that will never leave you disappointed.