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Anal DVDs by Anal File Repository

Adult DVD

Well, it should be fairly clear from this studio's name what the niche interest is here! Yes, you guessed it, this is a studio that only produces anal DVDs and it has to be said that doing only one thing has lead to it doing it very well indeed. If you don't like anal and surely there must be some people who don't, you should stop reading now as there is nothing of interest in this studio for you. For the rest of us, Anal File Repository is the one stop shop for everything in this most popular of adult DVD genres.

This studio really does anal, not just a little or playing with it gently, they go for it in a big way. If I tell you that their core range of films is titled "Pound My Ass 'Til it Gapes" then you will probably understand what I mean. Their output tends to use extremely attractive girls who are well known within the porn industry (Kimberly and Kleopatra are a couple of names that spring to mind) and subject them to the most merciless anal probing that is often not explored in more general mainstream interest adult movies. There are generally four girls in four good length scenes on each DVD and all receive a significant amount of anal attention so these films very much do what they say on the box.

We think that such exploration of the more extreme end of the anal genre is always a welcome diversion, particularly when it is with A list girls who really do end up gaping as the titles suggests. We like this studio as it explores anal much more than most other general interest production houses and it's a top pick for all aficionados of this ever popular genre.