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Androgeny Productions Films

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As the name of the studio might suggest, this is absolutely not your standard vanilla porn kind of production house. Androgeny focus exclusively on transsexuals and she male porn DVDs and like so many studios that concentrate only on one niche or genre, they do it extremely well and to absolute excess. For a start some of their films last for a crotch numbing 4.5 hours (which is excellent value in this sought after niche) and feature up to 100 different she males which is really impressive going as this kind of model isn't as easily found as most.

It must be said that sometimes quality is sacrificed for quantity but this is absolutely not the case with Androgeny and just about all their "girls" are extremely attractive with some of them falling firmly into the "are you sure this is a bloke" category. As an added bonus, these transsexual starlets all have fully working anatomy that is not beaten into submission by endless hormones as can be the case in many tranny films. In fact this studio prides itself in having not only active she males that do more than just sit there looking gorgeous but a number of it's titles are exclusively hung she males which is something of a rarity and one of the many things that makes Androgeny stand out in the transsexual genre.

They also manage to avoid the feeling that they just went out onto the streets of Bangkok and picked up whatever they could find. The stars here do include some wonderful Asian lady boys but also those hard to find good looking Caucasian gender benders which makes for a perfect mix catering to all tastes. In short Androgeny is absolutely the last word in transsexual DVDs for anyone with an interest in this most exotic of sexual niches and is also a perfect starting place for those just starting to explore the genre.