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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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Baby Doll Pictures is a real pick anything and you can't go wrong type of label catering for all tastes in mainstream porn DVDs. Its pretty much standard output all the way, so lovers of the unusual or specialist niche are not well catered for but if you just like economically priced and nicely produced adult films that aren't going to change the world but will get you off, then this studio is a good place to invest a few dollars.

The girls are pretty much standard industry fare, young, pretty (in a rather generic kind of way), usually with large breasts - you know the deal. Baby Doll have got the standard mainstream genres covered quite well with a good selection of anal and girl girl movies and they also have a number of ethnicity based offerings for lovers of Latin ladies.

One movie of particular note is "This Isn't Star Trek An XXX Parody" which as the title suggests is a lighthearted hardcore romp in the style of the original 60's version of Star Trek. The Spock ears are rubber, the sets are paper and most of the time absolutely nothing to do with a space ship but its fun never the less and a change from the normal standard porn film.

Baby Doll is a top choice for buying at the cheaper end of the porn DVD market and a safe bet for those looking for some standard vanilla movies.