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Transsexual Porn DVDs from Bacchus

Adult DVD

This label is one of an increasing number to specialise in she male/transsexual DVDs and as you would expect from a studio concentrating on such a specific porn niche, there is a very wide range of movies to chose from. Literally everything transsexual you can think of is here for true aficionados of the genre and Latin, Black, Asian, big breasted and small breasted transsexuals are all well represented in Bacchus' output.

There is also a nice mixture of she males with guys and girls as well as other she males which makes for varied viewing and keeps interest levels high. The "girls", it has to be said, are something of a mixed bag in terms of quality. There are some really polished stunners in here for sure and some not such "A" list material but I guess its largely a matter of personal preference so is rather difficult to judge objectively.

Possibly the best thing about Bacchus is the value for money, a wise man once said quantity is its own quality and the she male bang for your buck this label provides is absolutely unbeatable. One example of this is the imaginatively titled "She's A Dude" 6 disk set providing and absolutely exhausting 10 hours of tranny packed fun for just AUD 29.95 - pretty difficult to complain about that!