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Bang Bros Studio Review

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This studio is one of the corner stones of the porn industry with a huge and varied output covering just about all mainstream and standard niche genres. Their DVDs compliment the huge amount of on line material available both directly through their own main website and also through various sub brands and niche sectors as well as a huge line of third party sites promoting Bang Bros material.

The success of this studio is presumably related to the fact that they give a large cross section of porn lovers what they are looking for, so their output is varied whilst having a common style. The large penis genre is very well covered by Bang Bros and even when the movies don't specifically feature this genre, they tend to favour larger male porn stars in most of their films. There is a lot of focus on very standard, polished, generic female porn stars and these tend to have a seen one, seen them all feel about them after a few movies, particularly if you happen to be watching any of the films where the girls look so unbelievably bored it cuts right through any possible erotic pleasure.

A lot of the Bang Bros production is quite hardcore in an abusive manner and this is obviously not to everyone's taste. There is of course a market for very rough films but the limiting factor in a lot of the movies is that the guys involved seem to be so unbelievably unintelligent and ignorant which makes this studio definitely one that female porn lovers should avoid. In general it is probably more interesting to guys who are happy to think with their penis and don't demand anything more mentally engaging from their porn.

Having said all that, Bang Bros is a very varied studio, their films are well priced, nicely produced, you can always guarantee the women are "A list" stars so you will never be let down if you just want some straight forward vanilla or light niche focused adult DVDs.