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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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We review a recently published report on the Australian adult entertainment market...

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Police in WA think Porn DVDs are low priority...

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Bizarre Europe

Adult DVD

Now, this studio is a little bit different! Although the name is Bizarre Europe, the actual focus of this studio is the very well established and endlessly erotic world of German amateur bondage, S & M and fetish. With its very relaxed cultural attitude to sex and no legal issues, this wonderfully sexually liberated country (which to be honest makes us Ozzies seem like a bunch of old nuns!) has always been extremely enthusiastic about the fetish scene and it is something that many "normal" people are involved in.

This range of hardcore porn DVDs from Bizarre Europe explores this niche through the medium of real amateur couples caught on camera. The production values are gritty, unpretentious and utterly real - all the important hallmarks of the amateur genre. The films follow the sexual exploits of couples in their own homes and in various S & M and bondage venues in Germany and are shot with not ultra high but OK quality digital equipment. The feel is one of voyeurism and eroticism brought about by the honest and intimate nature of the film making and the featured couples are as far away from bored porn stars with their fake moans as it is possible to get. In fact, one feels as if the presence of the camera and us as viewers is actually adding to the experience for the couples who delight in sharing their wild and inventive sexual world with us.

We must admit to being totally biased here because we know something of the German scene and enjoyed it hugely when we were there but whatever your expectations, these excellent adult DVDs capture the essence of fetish in the sexual heart of Europe with a freshness and erotic honesty that is all too often missing from modern pornography.