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Black Magic Pictures Review

Adult DVD

Black Magic Pictures, as the name suggests, is another in the seemingly unending list of studios concentrating on the black genre. There are obviously a lot of studios doing this but interestingly, Black Magic doesn't produce DVDs only in this genre. Whilst lovers of black porn are adequately catered for, there are also some other interesting offerings to be had.

Of particular interest for fans of cheap adult DVDs are the four disk packs that feature four complete DVDs in either mixed genres or various combinations within the black genre and offer excellent variety as well as superb value for money. These four packs start at just AUD19.95 and run to an impressive 6 hours and represent some of the priced DVDs we stock.

For those who enjoy the variety these four packs offer, there are also offerings in the blowjob and large bottom genres that are similarly priced and also have the four, 1.5 hour disk format giving a total run time of approximately six hours.