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The best of Australian adult entertainment our own dear Abby Winters...

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Police in WA think Porn DVDs are low priority...

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Blue Circus Entertainment

Adult DVD

This is a studio that specialises in the XXX parody genre which is something that is starting to find increasing favour with porn lovers everywhere. As is often the case with adult parodies, there is a good amount of light hearted humour involved which is actually one of the reasons these DVDs appeal to a wide audience. Many people think porn is too serious and, particularly with standard mainstream porn from the big studios, all too obsessed with image and contriving the perfect shot for the perfectly staged scene, containing perfectly groomed stars. It all gets a bit plastic and samey after a while but not so with the porn parodies, the genre is such that its simply not possible to take yourself too seriously!

One of the recent hits from Blue Circus is "Saw", obviously based on the mainstream flick of the same name. The tag line of "Oh yes, there will be sex" sets the scene for what can only be described as a riotous romp through and all over the original horror film. Blood, obviously fake and not remotely intimidating, crazy men dressed up like goodness knows what, women tied up and corny laughs all combine to give this movie a happy go lucky but gently dark atmosphere. There are enough references to the original film to be amusing and all are woven into the overall premise that this is clearly a porn DVD and is meant to also be about sex.

We like Blue Circus because they do something different and think sex should be fun as well as sexy so if you're looking for something original to add to your collection, we can thoroughly recommend any of this studio's output - just don't take it too seriously!